PGLMPuteri Gunung Ledang the Musical (theatre; Malaysia)
PGLMProvincial Grand Lodge of Midlothian (Masonic lodge; Scotland, UK)
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The highest percentage mean weight gain was 40 LPc (90.42[+ or -]2.94%) with a significant difference (p<0.05) compared to 60 PGLM (88.10[+ or -]4.35%) and 80 PGLM (85.54[+ or -]0.34%).
The low level of weight gain in 80 PGLM (80g/1000g) may have been due to the presence of anti-nutrient substances, which are present in plants such as saponins, tannins and anti-vitamins.
7a), pGLM flash extent density observations indicated that a 32 flash per minute lightning jump had occurred [for a quantitative time series of this lightning jump, see Stano et al.
The pGLM flash extent density observations are combined with satellite imagery in Fig.