PGmcProto-Germanic (language)
PGmcPrimary Glass Manufacturers Council
PGmcPost Graduate Medical Centre (Addenbrooke's Hospital; Cambridge, England, UK)
PGmcPhilippine Gaming Management Corporation (Prime Gaming Philippines, Inc.; Philippines)
PGmcPropylene Glycol Monocaprylate
PGmcPremium Golf Management Co. (Canada)
PGmcProvidence General Medical Center (Everett, WA)
PGmcPlatinum Group of Metals Corporation (Philippines)
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President & CEO Gary Gotanco states: "All PGMC shareholders as of record date February 18, 2007 are advised to mail their original PGMC stock certificates to our appointed transfer agent's liaison & Independent Consultant/Coordinator - AGN Associates: 4708 Ponderay Lane, Sacramento, CA 95841; Phone # 916-760-7712; Fax # 916-313-8828: e-mail: agnfps@hotmail.
In 2016, TCB extended a $20-million loan to PGMC to be used as working capital for its operations in CAGA Mines.
CEO Jason Piamonte states: "We are coordinating closely with NASDAQ to obtain a payment date for the stock dividend, wherein 1 common share of PGMC will be issued for every 100 PAIM Common Shares to all shareholders of record as of February 26, 2007.
OTC:PGMC)(New Stock Symbol pending NASDAQ advise), and the stock dividend issuance of PGMC common shares to Pearl Asian Mining Industries (OTC:PAIM) shareholders.
Pearl Asian Mining Industries Reports Landowner of Property Adjacent to XYZ Mine Site Agreeable to Allow Immediate Passage to Commence Geological Survey and More Detailed Sampling, Subject to Mutually Beneficial Terms; PAIM Provides Clarification on Issuance of Stock Dividends of PGMC to PAIM Common Shareholders as of Record Date of Feb.
The technology used by PGMC and POSC were readily available to other companies, the complaint said, arguing that others could have offered 'better pricing or more advanced technologies.
Por outro lado, o incentivo regulatorio a implantacao de novas redes de fibra optica mediante o chamado feriado regulatorio introduzido pelo Plano Geral de Metas de Competicao (PGMC), que liberou as redes de fibra optica do dever de compartilhamento, foi questionado pelas operadoras quanto a sua proposta de efetivamente promover os investimentos no setor, haja vista inexistir, no corpo dispositivo do regulamento do PGMC, referencia ao prazo de 9 anos de feriado regulatorio constante dos estudos realizados pela area tecnica da Agencia e conhecido via anexos ao regulamento do PGMC.
In addition, PGMC is doing a forward split of its Common Shares on a 100 to 1 basis, with record date set for February 18, 2007.
The complaint stated that 'the technology used by PGMC and PSOC is not exclusively distributed or owned by said lessors but readily available and used by other companies, thus other entities can offer better pricing or more advanced technology better suited for the security and efficiency of lotto operations in the country.
They knowingly granted the right to provide lotto paper in favor of PGMC and POSC despite the fact that (these companies) were not qualified, said Kiram.
Bush to Promote Use of Alternative Energy Sources by Reconstituting PGMC into an Energy Company Focusing on Production of Alternative Fuels and Exploring for New Oil Prospects; CEO Jason Piamonte Provides an Update on Its Mining Production, Community Relations, and Exploration Activities
PGMC last week sent out its first two cargos of nickel ore for 2015 from its mine in Surigao del Norte.