PGMEAPakistan Gloves Manufacturers and Exporters Association (trade association)
PGMEAPropylene Glycol Methyl Ether Acetate
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The PGMEA solutions were diluted to 20% solids by the addition of methanol (MeOH) resulting in a 58%/42% ratio of PGMEA/MeOH for the final solvent combination (R in Table 1).
In general, the same trend of higher average Mw, lower polydispersity and slower photospeed was observed although the overall dispersities were somewhat higher than shown in the PGMEA fractionation.
Earlier, the CEO TDAP addressed members of the PGMEA.
Chairman PGMEA Mohammad Younas, SVC Sheikh Ejaz Ahmed Jammu, Nadeem Hassan, Shehzada Ibne Iqbal Syed (former PGMEA Chairman) and Malik Naseer Ahmed were present on this occasion.
PGMEA chairman Mohammad Younas, SVC Sheikh Ejaz Ahmed Jammu, Sheikh Mohammad Yaqub (Chairman Sialkot International Airport LimitedSIAL) and Sheikh Abdul Waheed Sandal (former SCCI president and former VP of FPCCI) were also present.