PGMLPrecision Graphics Markup Language
PGMLPlant Genome Mapping Laboratory (University of Georgia; Athens, GA)
PGMLPrimary Gastric Malignant Lymphoma (cancer)
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According to the announcement, PGML will be fully compatible with leading drawing and illustration programs such as Adobe Illustrator that are used by content creators, including graphic artists, enabling them to easily export vector graphics to the Web from their favorite graphics programs without loss of quality.
We look forward to working with W3C members to establish PGML as an XML-based vector graphics format for the Web.
One of the things I like best about PGML is its ability to contain searchable text--something no other graphics file format to date contains.
For end users of Web content, PGML offers faster download speeds, better graphics interactivity, resolution-independent printing, zoomable graphics, animation, and special effects without the need for plug-ins.
Because PGML is based on the same imaging model as Adobe PostScript language and Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF), few changes to existing applications are required to make them PGML authoring packages.