PGMMPrecision Guided Mortar Munitions
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The 120mm PGMM mortar round offers a more capable weapon system at the battalion level.
Unlike the regular mortar round, the 120mm PGMM has a Global Positioning System and can hit a target location within 10 meters or less.
The PGMM consists of three major assemblies (nose, mid-body, and tail) and their associated subassemblies as shown in Figure 1 below.
XM395 PGMM is a new multipurpose tool that will allow the 120mm mortar to go after high payoff, point targets with low collateral damage.
Why is there a need for a new tool such as XM395 PGMM or for that matter any precision weapon system?
The target set for PGMM includes personnel protected by earth and timber bunkers, lightly armored vehicles and masonry structures.
PGMM provides the maneuver battalion with an organic precision strike capability to defeat high payoff targets in two rounds or less.
Last October, Lockheed Martin and Germany's Diehl concluded an advanced technology demonstration for the PGMM.
The PGMM is designed to hit within three feet of targets at 12 to 15 kilometers--double the range of conventional 120 mm mortar rounds--Hollingsworth explained.