PGMOProfessional Game Match Officials (UK)
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Few studies address cell signalling in PGMO. Epidemiological evidence shows that children born to PGMO pregnancies show hyperinsulinemia and elevated insulin resistance [97, 98].
Professional Game Match Officials (PGMO), the body which represents Premier League referees, released a statement which read: "PGMO is aware of the allegations and they are being treated with the utmost seriousness.
"PGMO believe that with any football match the focus should not be on the officials but on the players and the game itself," ( a Professional Game Match Officials statement said .
A formal complaint has been made to the Premier League's match delegate and will be forwarded to the Football Association (FA), with the Professional Game Match Officials' Board (PGMO), the body, which represents referees, now awaiting the reports from both Clattenburg and the match delegate.
Who knows what made the PGMO decided to reunite the County Durham ref with the Toffees again after so long, but it's probably fair to say nobody from a Blue perspective was very happy about it before the Aston Villa game on Saturday.
He said: "The FA very much keep together with the PGMO ( Professional Game Match Officials) and you find it difficult to get anything overturned.
"It was interesting that the PGMO (Premier Game Match Officials Ltd) sent him into both clubs this week to do the referee's appraisal prior to this game.
The Premier League admitted the PGMO would be writing to the FA but denied there was any "major row".
A joint statement from the Football Association and PGMO read: "PGMO is aware of media reports concerning alleged debts incurred by companies connected to Mark Clattenburg.
A statement from the referees' body said: ``The board will investigate whether Mike Dean has breached his contract, which requires officials to notify and seek approval of other activities - including additional employment or the use of their status as a PGMO official for promotional purposes.''
Why does the PGMO keep giving an official with serious derby baggage this fixture to handle?