PGMOBProfessional Game Match Officials Board (Great Britain)
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re be PGMOB chiefs have been told by several rugby referees that they resent the way the broadcasting of their on-field exchanges with players leads to "unnatural" exchanges.
We are trying to run a professional football club and yet the information and guidelines we are receiving from the PGMOB are far from professional.
Everton's dispute is with what we were told at the PGMOB meeting in the summer.
It is a move that comes just weeks after top linesman Glenn Turner quit following an ongoing feud with PGMOB chief Mike Riley - as revealed by People Sport.
Keith Hackett informed the meeting that the poster campaign was, in fact, wrong and he asked the members of the PGMOB to manage the situation, '' said Harrison.
Bennett could rescind his decision if advised by the FA or the PGMOB.
Additionally, we feel we should point out that it is actually PGMOB, and not the FA, who are responsible for the fitness testing of the match officials who referee in the Premier League.
Everton secretary David Harrison, who was present at the meeting, said: ``Keith Hackett informed the meeting that the poster campaign was in fact wrong and he asked the members of PGMOB to manage the situation.
The Stockton-on-Tees ref is now under scrutiny from PGMOB manager Philip Don, assistant boss Keith Hackett and the other 23 Select Group referees attending their fortnightly conference at Staverton Park, Northamptonshire.