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PGMSProfessional Grounds Management Society
PGMSPolyglycerol Monostearate
PGMSPost-Graduate Medical School (various universities)
PGMSProfessional Grounds Maintenance Society (Baltimore, MD)
PGMSPine Grove Middle School (Baltimore, MD)
PGMSPhysician Group Management Services (healthcare technology consulting firm)
PGMSPropylene Glycol Mannate Sulfate (biochemistry)
PGMSProGunMach Studios (video group)
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2006) have reported the possibility of PGMS as a coating material for efficient formation of microcapsules.
Since the microencapsulation efficiency with MCT has been lower than that with PGMS in our studies, it is indicated that MCT may not be the adequate coating material for microencapsulation.
Photomicrograph of microencapsulated mistletoe with PGMS or MCT is shown in Figure 1.
When incubated at pH 8, 80-82% lectin was released from microcapsules made by MCT or PGMS at 30 min incubation and thereafter, respectively.
The treatment was divided into 4 different groups as follows: (1) control, no addition of mistletoe extract microcapsules; (2) Uncapsulated, 100 ppm of uncapsulated Korean mistletoe extract, 10 mg/100 ml mistletoe extract-added milk; (3) PGMS microcapsule, 100 ppm of PGMS encapsulated mistletoe extract; (4) MCT microcapsule, 100 ppm of MCT encapsulated mistletoe extract.
27 for PGMS and MCT, respectively) was significant at 6 days of storage and thereafter.
No difference was found between encapsulated microcapsule-added groups with both PGMS and MCT microcapsule groups and control group.
Korean mistletoe extract microcapsule-added groups with PGMS and MCT were not significantly different from the control group, which was the commercial milk without any addition.
However, viscosity values in milk samples added by encapsulated mistletoe extract with PGMS and MCT were about 0.
When 100 ppm of uncapsulated mistletoe extract had been added, astringency score was dramatically higher than those of microencapsulated groups with PGMS and MCT (p<0.
When microencapsulation efficiency of PGMS or MCT was determined, the efficiency was the highest with 15:1 or 10:1 (w/w) of coat-to-core ratio, respectively.