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Our study portrayed good perspicacity toward research amongst PGMT. However, due to lack of mentors and deficient research training, their practices toward medical research are erratic and direction less.
Material and Methods: A pretested, structured and validated questionnaire was used to collect data from 114 final year post-graduate medical trainees (PGMTs).
Measures should be taken at postgraduate level to involve and support the PGMTs in health research with formal training programs and good mentorship.
In the past, numerous studies have shown the level of involvement of post- graduate medical trainees (PGMTs) in health research activities, but only little attention is devoted to identify the obstacles and barriers to perform the research among PGMTs.
This cross-sectional descriptive study was conducted on 114 final year post-graduate medical trainees (PGMTs) of CPSP fellowship program working at Military hospital, Rawalpindi, Combined Military hospital, Rawalpindi and Pakistan institute of medical sciences Islamabad, from January 2013 to December 2013, after getting the institutional permission.
The PGMTs were requested to fill in the questionnaire after getting their written consent.
One hundred and fourteen (n=114) PGMTs who gave their written consent to participate in this study, responded with complete filled in questionnaires.
Among our study participants, 112 (98.2%) PGMTs had the perception that research is an important and crucial activity in medical profession while 96 (84.2%) PGMTs agreed that all post-graduate trainees should participate in some research activity.
In relation to practices towards research, 89 (78%) PGMTs attended various research methodology workshops, 63 (55.2%) PGMTs had worked as data collector in various studies conducted at their institutions other than mandatory research dissertation, while only 21(18.4%) PGMTs had published their manuscript in a journal.
The main focus of our study was to get the perceptions of post-graduate medical trainees (PGMTs) regarding the research activities and most importantly to identify the barriers to conduct the research.
Another study from Pakistan revealed that only 20% PGMTs read the medical journals10.