PGMAPresident Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo (Philippines)
PGMAPriority Groundwater Management Area
PGMAProfessional Golf Marshals Association
PGMAPacific Group Medical Association
PGMAPacific Gospel Music Association
PGMAPerformance Golf Marketing Alliance (Orlando, FL)
PGMAPortable Gray Map ASCII
PGMAParole Growth Management Area
PGMApropylene glycol monoacetate
PGMAProfessional Grounds Maintenance Awards
PGMAPeter Gladding Memorial Award
PGMAPast Grand Marshal
PGMAProfessional Grounds Maintenance Association
PGMAProfessional Golf Marketing Alliance
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291) The Texas water code defines PGMAs as areas that
Purification and precipitation procedures were the same as it was described above for PGMA grafted copolymers.
She was really unwilling to conceptualize her experience in that way (Abby, PgmA, Oct9, 497-502).
There was no clear and indubitable proof presented by the prosecution that accused PGMA was the recipient.
This is a matter that falls under the Sandiganbayan's jurisdiction as PGMA is undergoing trial," Coloma added.
2]-g-PGMA) and the homopolymerized PGMA that was generated during the graft polymerization of the monomer.
When I said pinagtatawanan ko lang yung pinagdadaanan niya ngayon compared to what I experienced before, I wasn't referring to the credibility of evidence being presented against her now and against me before but the degree of harassment that ex PGMA and her cohorts in practically all the agencies of government were throwing against me,' Lacson said.
A military officer now with the Defense Department recalls how under PGMA, she "prepped" Northern Tribal leaders to support a resolution creating "peace zones" in their area - banning soldiers, their outpost, and all armed men entrance.
Last night a spokesman for the PGMA - Keith Hackett's match officials' association - said: "We have no comment to make on the current media and after-dinner speaking career Graham Poll has decided to pursue.