PGNAPrompt Gamma Neutron Activation (spectroscopic technique)
PGNAPark Glen Neighborhood Association (Keller, TX)
PGNAPerfect Game National Academy (baseball camp)
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In this case, two of the scenarios for PGNA are in the same zone which is the contributing to sustainability [{+SZ}] zone and one, the Pwc, is in the consuming sustainability zone [{SZ}].
Therefore, in the interest of robustness, for the PGNA we have taken the WC, AC, and BC L-IB information and summarized it in three different ways: Expectation, Modal Occurrence, and Uncertainty.
Project: PGNA Robustness Sustainability Summary for the Three Criteria:
Understanding the use of PGNA Analyzers at Coal Mines and Loadout Facilities by Nichelle Worthington, director of operations, SABIA 5000 Stockpile Measurements from the Field to the CFO in 24 Hours--with an iPhone?
In just three years after market introduction, close to 30 AllScan PGNA Analyzers have been booked by RTI for minerals and coal applications.