PGNPPrompt Gamma Neutron Probe
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By applying PGNP to the real IGEN of the normal bladder cells and the general real IGEN of the bladder cancer cells, we then obtained 115 core proteins/TFs for the core IGEN of the normal bladder cells and 138 core proteins/TFs for the core IGEN of the bladder cancer cells.
After surgery, the SNB, ANB, AOBO, BNP, PGNP, SNPM and OJ measurements underwent significant changes, which influenced the magnitude of mandibular advancement (Tables 2 and 4).
The data showed that the SNA, ISNA, IS-NA, IINB, II-NB, OB, ANP, ISSN, IIPM, SNPP and SNPM (Table 3) had constant mean values and did not change significantly throughout stages t1 to t3; during this period the measurement values significantly increased for the SNB, BNP and PGNP, and decreased for the AOBO, ANB and OJ.
The PGNP measurements followed those of the BNP, since both points are located in the anterior portion of the mandible and use the same measurement reference plane.
The dental and skeletal changes due to pre-surgical orthodontic treatment were variable; surgical treatment caused significant skeletal changes, especially in the SNB, BNP, PGNP and SNPM measurements (directly related to the mandible), as well as in those indirectly related to it (ANB, AOBO and OJ); dental inclinations were variable and did not affect the magnitude of the mandibular advancement; and SNPM, ANB, ANP and OB were the variables which most significantly influenced the magnitude of the mandibular advancement.
The first data set is for the exploitation of the currency demand approach: RCM2 is real currency in circulation to money supply (M2) ratio, TY is the average tax calculated as direct taxes on income expressed as a percentage of GNP, WSY is the share of wages and salaries in GNP, IR is one-year nominal interest rate on saving deposits, INF is the growth rate of consumer price index and PGNP is the real per capita GNP.
It is worth emphasizing that tax variable (YT) and per capita income (PGNP) are at 10% significance of level compared with the other variables.
The tax variable shows that an increase in tax rate in terms of tax evasion effect results in more use of currency whereas an increase in PGNP means that economic development reduces currency ratio.