PGNPPrompt Gamma Neutron Probe
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In terms of skeletal variables, the measurements of SNB, ANB, AOBO, BNP and PGNP were significant.
After surgery, the SNB, ANB, AOBO, BNP, PGNP, SNPM and OJ measurements underwent significant changes, which influenced the magnitude of mandibular advancement (Tables 2 and 4).
The data showed that the SNA, ISNA, IS-NA, IINB, II-NB, OB, ANP, ISSN, IIPM, SNPP and SNPM (Table 3) had constant mean values and did not change significantly throughout stages t1 to t3; during this period the measurement values significantly increased for the SNB, BNP and PGNP, and decreased for the AOBO, ANB and OJ.
The first data set is for the exploitation of the currency demand approach: RCM2 is real currency in circulation to money supply (M2) ratio, TY is the average tax calculated as direct taxes on income expressed as a percentage of GNP, WSY is the share of wages and salaries in GNP, IR is one-year nominal interest rate on saving deposits, INF is the growth rate of consumer price index and PGNP is the real per capita GNP.
The tax variable shows that an increase in tax rate in terms of tax evasion effect results in more use of currency whereas an increase in PGNP means that economic development reduces currency ratio.