PGNSPrimary Guidance and Navigation System (Apollo program)
PGNSPhotographic Guild of Nova Scotia
PGNSPhoto Guild of Nova Scotia (Canada)
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SGNs (including ID, SD, MD and VD) were the most frequent histological findings, being present in a total of 911 biopsies (49.3%), while PGNs were diagnosed in 734 (39.7%) of biopsies, TID in 136 (7.4%) and miscellaneous diseases/other in 67 (3.6%).
PGNs decreased significantly over time (p<0.001), while SGNs increased, PGNs accounting for 37.7% (n=215) of biopsies between 1982 and 1991, 47.5% (n=179) between 1992 and 2001, and 57.4% (n=517) between 2002 and 2011 (p<0.001).
We found that SGNs (49.3%) occurred more frequently than PGNs (39.7%).
PGN is detectable in varying levels in the circulation and has been identified by immunohistochemical staining in human atherosclerotic specimens.
PGRP increase THP-1 cell proliferation and enhance activation by PGN. PGLYRP1-PGN complexes increase the membrane expression of CD14, CD80 and CD86, and enhance secretion of interleukin-8, interleukin-12 and tumor necrosis factor-[alpha], but reduce interleukin-10, clearly inducing an inflammatory profile.
Moreover, "to resolve the Committee's alleged claim for avoidance of the guarantees issued bythe TTWN Debtors, holders of Term Loans and PGNs have agreed that unsecured creditors ofthose entities will be paid in full, exponentially higher than their putative natural recoveries and nearly $2 million in total," the seven-page filing states.
"These massive concessions by holders of Term Loans and PGNs -- totaling over half a
The set of decoders for the PGNs and SPNs which helps in decoding the J1939 messages in real-time for analysis by the user.
Tables are also updated in real-time and can display any PGN.
The PGNs international stars and global tournaments help the sport attract global fans--a trend being picked up pretty much across the major leagues as well, as they add players from other countries.
Both the PGNs and the PMNs are shown, as are the pulsations and rise and fall sequences.
Provan and Kenis (2007) propose that the simplest and most common form of network governance is the PGN, which is governed by the network members themselves with no separation of the governance entity.