PGOProfile-Guided Optimization (computer programming)
PGOPlan Gospodarki Odpadami (Polish: Waste Management Plan)
PGOPrevot Gilles and Olivier
PGOProfile Guided Optimization
PGOPistol Grip Only (shotguns)
PGOPublic Guardianship Office (UK)
PGOPonto-Geniculo Occipital (burst neurons)
PGOPost-Grant Opposition (intellectual property; various locations)
PGOPass Grade Only (academics)
PGOProject on Government Oversight
PGOParticuliere Gegevensbeherende Organistatie
PGOPolicy, Guidance and Oversight
PGOProject GNOME Organization (US Atomic Energy Commission)
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From January-August 2016, there were 109 AML offenses registered by the PGO.
While similar in name, PGO and LGO appear to exist as two independent constructs that are not well correlated (Ames & Archer, 1998; Button et al.
If a child reaches the maximum days in care, the Director must apply for a PGO with one exception: in exceptional circumstances, the court may grant one further TGO for a period of no more than six months where it is satisfied that (1) there are good and sufficient reasons to do so and (2) it can be anticipated that the child may be returned to the guardian's care within the period of the TGO.
PGO provides information to the compiler about areas of an application that are most frequently executed.
No known research has investigated whether LGO and PGO influence reactions to recruiting messages.
The model is available to order through PGO dealers and authorised distributors in certain European countries, Japan, Algeria and Kuwait.
Cumpre dizer, nao se deve perceber o PGO como um ato normativo que tem como remetente a Presidencia da Republica e como destinatario toda a industria de telecomunicacoes, por mais que aquela afirme ser uma autora que fala em nome de uma coletividade detentora de um determinado interesse publico.
An independent social work assessment of PGO and FEO was obtained in the course of the proceedings, which found that the children were being well cared for by experienced foster carers with whom they had a clear and positive attachment.
No fue sino hasta hace dos anos cuando un grupo de investigadores del Hospital Universitario Central de Asturias, encabezados por el doctor Fernando Fernandez-Gonzalez, publico un trabajo en el que informaron que habian identificado y caracterizado por primera vez la presencia en humanos de la actividad PGO.
In addition, both studies showed that a greater proportion of PVT lenses, vs the AAA and AOA lenses, returned to within 10 [degrees] of PGO ([chi square] Test, P < 0.
Organisers said the car show will also feature major launches for 2009, which include the latest Mercedes-Benz GLK, the PGO Hemera, the Nissan GT-R super car, besides BMW and Audi launches.
The PGO reported no success in its investigations of cases in which Jehovah's Witnesses were denied the use of privately owned facilities to hold religious conventions for large groups in 2005 and 2006.