PGOCPayload Ground Operations Contractor
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Abbreviations: CGC, Crop Germplasm Committees; GIS, Geographic Information Systems; GRIN, Germplasm Resources Information Network; NGRL, National Germplasm Resources Lab; NPGS, National Plant Germplasm System; NSSL, National Seed Storage Laboratory; PGOC, Plant Germplasm Operations Committee; PI, plant introduction.
The works involve the renewal, moving, deleting, extension of underground networks, spot earthworks for the network operations (operating area), earthworks, backfilling and rehabilitation of trenches, laying cable, including common trench with other dealers, civil works and installation of cabinets, preliminary studies to completion of the work, the realization of connections associated with the network and clothing accessories (network connections), the realization of individual connections of an output> 36 kVA without network, air emergencies related to underground work in hypertension and / or BT, construction and / or deconstruction, achieving positions of capital works MV / LV, the survey work geo referenced constructed works (PGOC), achieving the connection work for houses.