PGPAPredicted Grade Point Average (academics)
PGPAParallel Generalized Projection Algorithm
PGPAProblem Gambling Purchasing Agency (New Zealand)
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55) There is an equivalent to s 39B (s 85 PGPA Act) which establishes statutory authority for the incorporation of government-owned corporations (see discussion in fn 51 above).
56) See s 52 (which states: 'The rules may prescribe matters relating to the commitment or expenditure of relevant money by the Commonwealth or a Commonwealth entity') and Part 4-1 of the PGPA Act.
In 1973, the PGPA prepared a career education handbook for use by teachers and counselors in helping students, now exposed to a revised work-oriented curriculum, plan their careers.
To the extent that SAT and PGPA serve as useful proxies for student quality, the finding of no statistically significant interactions between the SI treatment and SAT or PGPA suggests that SI is effective in increasing academic performance across levels of student quality.
With regard to the other variables in the model, it appears that MAJOR, SAT, and PGPA all play roles in academic performance.
Additional tests (not reported) reveal no statistical differences with regard to SAT and PGPA among the five groupings.