PGPBPlant Growth-Promoting Bacteria
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PGPBPolyolefin Gas-Permeable Bags
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Although, results showed lower activity of peroxidase in inoculated plants in soil without salinity, it confirms that PGPBs can collaborate with plants in the decrease in peroxidase activity, so decreasing the oxidative damages, as also reported in maize inoculated with Pseudomonas spp.
Abbreviations DGGE: Denaturing gradient gel electrophoresis PGPB: Plant growth-promoting bacteria BNF: Biological nitrogen fixation.
The application of twenty different triple combinations of PGPB in banana plants indicates that the isolates EB-40, EB51 and EB-194, all belonging to the genus Bacillus sp., promoted significant increases in the nitrogen content in the shoot dry matter of banana seedlings (SOUZA et al., 2016).
Bacteria capable of colonizing plants roots and stimulating plant growth and health are called plant growth promoting bacteria (PGPB) (Esitken et al., 2005).
A number of studies have shown the importance of plant growth promoting bacteria (PGPB) application as amelioration practice for tolerance to environmental stresses, such as drought, salinity and heavy metal toxicity in plants and raising possibility for application of these useful microbes around plant root system [3, 29].
Another question concerned whether CFE intended to compete with Pemex Gas (PGPB).
This may be due to the fact that mycorrhizal fungi also develop a large mycelial biomass under field conditions, in contrast to Trichoderma and other Deuteromyces, whose behaviour is similar to plant growth promoting bacteria (PGPB) commonly present in the rhizosphere.
Plant growth promoting bacteria (PGPB) are soil and rhizosphere bacteria that can promote plant growth by various mechanisms [53], and P-solubilization power of the microorganisms is considered to be one of the most important character connected with plant P nutrition.