PGPBPlant Growth-Promoting Bacteria
PGPBPerfect Girl Perfect Boy (song)
PGPBPolyolefin Gas-Permeable Bags
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PGPB use in place of fertilizers is capable of improving plant yield and can help to sustain soil productivity and environmental health (Esitken et al.
The effect of PGPB on several plants has already been studied, but little work has been carried out to elucidate the effect of biofertilizer on fenugreek plants.
CFE intends to have its gas supply agreements currently held by PGPB transferred to its own accounts.
1]), lo cual fue atribuido a que las PGPB favorecieron a las plantas a traves de diferentes mecanismos listados en el Cuadro 4; por ejemplo, la bacteria Azospirillum brasilense ha incrementado los rendimientos agricolas en diferentes cultivos de interes economico, gracias al aporte de las fitohormonas del crecimiento vegetal y como fijadora de nitrogeno.
Las PGPB pueden promover el crecimiento por diferentes vias; de forma directa esta accion se evidencia en ausencia de otros microorganismos, mientras que los mecanismos indirectos se pueden observar en la interaccion del microorganismo de interes con un fitopatogeno (Fabra et al.
2000), it has been shown that a higher proportion of bacterial endophytes is PGPB than is the case for bacteria found on the rhizoplane or in the rhizosphere (Hallmann et al.
The pipeline will connect to a 1,000-megawatt power plant complex owned by Iberdrola and CFE, the national electric company and the PGPB gas transportation system.
8 por ciento del total, mientras que Refinacion, PGPB y "otros" representaron 14.