PGPDParliamentary Group on Population and Development (est. 1995; Campbell, Australian Capital Territory, Australia)
PGPDPennington Gap Police Department (Pennington Gap, VA)
PGPDPrince Georges County Police Department (Maryland)
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The three ACO pilots now underway were included in the Affordable Care Act in part because of promising results from the PGPD.
While the savings for Medicare-only beneficiaries were small, the PGPD sites did well at reducing costs for dual-eligible beneficiaries, according to the study.
Hydramol PGPD acts as an effective additive for increasing the viscosity of surfactant-based systems at levels of 15% in combination with betaines, amine oxides and sultaines.
2: Viscosity Building Characteristics of Hydramol PGPD
Hydramol PGPD INCI name: PEG-8 PPG-3 diisostearate Applications: oil-free moisturizer for shampoos and hair treatment formulations Comments: Lubricates, softens and conditions hair.
Comments: Hydramol PGPD is a water dispersible ester that is compatible with mineral oil and alcohol.
The line includes Hydramol PGDS, Hydramol PGPD and Hydromol TGL.