PGRIPersatuan Guru Republik Indonesia (Indonesian: Teacher's Union of the Republic of Indonesia)
PGRIPublic Gaming Research Institute
PGRIPlant Genetic Resources Institute (Korea)
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C-2 CV-2 CV-5 BSS-269 PGRI M-2001 CM-2001 M-97 and CP-328 did not manifest any symptom as well as CMV detection in relatively low titer (less than 0.
The plants were transferred at 4 leaf stages to the fields of PGRI, NARC, Islamabad, in plots with 45 cm plant to plant and row to row distance 60 cm (plot size 7x8 ft).
They also visited kitchen gardening site, PGRI building and Gene-Bank.
The appointment went by Horticulture Institute, PGRI, Tissue society, FMI and soybean harvest field.
Main features: This consultation on the study on the development of Phase trends and scenarios of the wise Isle-Dronne Vezere-Correze, Dordogne Dordogne Atlantic upstream and includes: - On the scale of the basin Dordogne, analysis of large territorial structural development trends: climate change, demographics, lifestyles, development of rural areas, urbanization, major infrastructure, governance and public policies, and then assess their consequences on water, aquatic environments and practices; - Based on these facts, the description of the situation to which one tends to different horizons () trend scenario, and assessment of the gap between these different states and requirements of the WFD , the Flood Directive and planning documents such as the SDAGE and PGRI.
Later, the ambassador visited NARC's Wheat-Wide Crosses Lab, Food Science and Product Development Lab, ABEI, Avian Influenza Lab and PGRI and its Exhibition stall.
To PGRI (Management Plans flood risk) Rhone-Mediterranean Basin and the basin of Corsica.
For PDM, outside the scope of the environmental assessment 2007 (2008 for Corsica), environmental assessment focuses only measures to restore the environment and / or reduce pressure to reach objectives : - The PGRI (Management Plans flood risk) of the Rhone-Mediterranean basin and the basin of Corsica.