PGRSPolymorphic Guanine-Cytosine-Rich Sequence (microbiology)
PGRSPittsburgh Garden Railway Society (Pittsburgh, PA)
PGRSPostal Grievance Research System (software)
PGRSPlutchik Geriatric Rating Scale (cerebral insufficiency)
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Dr Muhammad Tariq, principal of the Sahiwal Medical College, told Dawn presently 12 PGRs were working in the hospital and hopefully 10 more would be posted at the Sahiwal hospital.
Since the enactment the America Invents Act (AIA), Inter Partes Review (IPR) and Post-Grant Review (PGR) proceedings have become the preferred legal routes in challenging patent validity and enforceability in various industries.
PGRs who joined ICH at least six months prior to the survey and SR/JC working at ICH were included.
(PGRs) in proportion with the number of beds of the health facility as it did in Lahore in the past.
As a consequence, some authors have even proposed the use of certain PGRs as successful chemosterilants against insect pests (Kaur and Rup, 2002; Paulson et al., 2005; Abdellaoui et al., 2013).
A luz do principio da gestao da procura, que determina que os governos tem de regular os mercados e as atividades publicas, o PMGRS de Macae expoe meios para controle e fiscalizacao da implementacao e operacionalizacao dos PGRS e dos sistemas de logistica reversa, alem de assumir a "Responsabilidade do poder publico local" em cumprir as respectivas operacoes (CARRERA, 2005).
In the face-to-face feedback session after the first survey, one PGR denied smoking, while another aggressively wanted to know the identity of the person giving corrective feedback; however, both participants settled down after debriefing by one of the authors.
Effect of pruning, micronutrients and PGRs on vegetative parameters in Kinnow Mandarin.
The application of plant growth regulators (PGRs) can be useful not only to achieve the technological quality desired by the ethanol industry (Almodares et al., 2013), but the quality needed for other purposes as forage, for example.
The proliferation and growth of microshoots and their rooting largely depend on the exogenous application of PGRs. Research reports indicate that BAP is most effective for multiple shoot formation and proliferation.
The escalation in the yield components and achene yield in the PGPR-inoculated treatments could also be attributed to plant growth regulators (PGRs), such as auxins (Fallik et al., 1989) and gibberellin (Lucangeli and Bottini, 1997) exudation by PGPRs (Martinez-Toledo et al., 1988: Vessey, 2003) and the presence of microbial communities in the soil or rhizosphere which supported the plant growth through cycling and availability of nutrients, improving the roots health by competing with root pathogens during the growth stage and raising the absorption of nutrients (Roesty et al., 2006).