PGRSPolymorphic Guanine-Cytosine-Rich Sequence (microbiology)
PGRSPittsburgh Garden Railway Society (Pittsburgh, PA)
PGRSPostal Grievance Research System (software)
PGRSPlutchik Geriatric Rating Scale (cerebral insufficiency)
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As dificuldades presenciadas para a elaboracao do PGRS dentro da gestao foram a principio, o interesse da Secretaria do Meio Ambiente para elaborar o plano, este interesse so foi despertado apos cobrancas com prazos de entrega estabelecidos pelo Ministerio Publico--PB, mesmo quando anteriormente foi apresentada uma palestra direcionada para os gestores, empresarios e populacao sobre a lei de no 12.
O trabalho foi realizado com o auxilio voluntario de dois ecologos e uma economista recem formados que buscaram, junto a gestao, elaborar o Plano de Gerenciamento de Residuos Solidos, uma vez, que o coordenador da Secretaria de Meio Ambiente alegava falta de recursos financeiros para contratar uma empresa especializada para elaborar o PGRS do municipio.
The PGRS process relies on a metal-containing, carbon-based catalyst and the principles of catalytic hydrogenolysis to break one of the three carbon-oxygen bonds in the glycerol.
PGRS Higher discrimination Requiring large amounts power in isolates with of high quality DNA six or less IS6110 (11.
Isolates with six or fewer bands on IS6110 typing, including most isolates that had been typed previously by using PGRS, were spoligotyped by using a standard method (9).
has an additional band [+ 1], lacks a band [- 1 ], or differs in the size of a single hybridizing band) and has an identical pattern by PGRS (1013).
Secondary typing showed that all 15 case-patients had an identical PGRS pattern (Figure 1).
Tenders are invited for Development & deployment of web based PGRS application and online HT Application, online LT application, Android based_Mobile App, Responsive website
The lack of variability in the PGRS patterns suggests that these strains may be related.
We used VNTR to genotype the three samples (lanes 1-3) (Figure 1) that had identical spoligotype and PGRS results.
The DR amplicon was used as a probe to re-hybridize both membranes (Pvu II and Alu I) previously generated for IS6110 and PGRS genotyping, respectively (34).
Patients from cluster T 2, 4 and PGRS, IS-type come from the same K (2 pat.