PGSAPolish Genealogical Society of America
PGSAPhosphatidylglycerophosphate Synthase
PGSAPhysics Graduate Student Association
PGSAPost-Graduate Students Association
PGSAPsychology Graduate Student Association
PGSAPennsylvania Governor's School for the Arts
PGSAPhilosophy Graduate Student Association
PGSAPitt-Greenville Soccer Association
PGSAPharmacy Graduate Student's Association
PGSAPasauline Galvos Skausmu Asociacija
PGSAPleasanton Girls Soccer Association
PGSAPearland Girls Softball Association
PGSAProfessional Gamers Association
PGSAPrince George Squash Association
PGSAPasadena Girls Softball Association
PGSAPre-Professional & Graduate School Advising
PGSAPrograma General de Simplificación Administrativa (Mexico)
PGSAProducción de Gas de Síntesis del Amoníaco
PGSAPetaluma Girls Softball Association
PGSAPaola Girls Softball Association
PGSAPrinceton Girl's Softball Association
PGSAPlano Girls Softball Association
PGSAPointe Girls Soccer Association
PGSAPeter Garnham Security Associates
PGSAPort Glasgow Salvation Army
PGSAProfessional Gastroenterology & Surgery Associates
PGSAPoly Glycerol-co Sebacic Acid
PGSAPyroTechnics Guild of Southern Africa
PGSAPreliminary Gas Sales Agreement
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The incorporation of the heuristic fuzzy, in association with PGSA, has provided very effective results.
In addition to celebrating the students who accept awards, NSERC should investigate why students turn down NSERC PGSA awards to go to the U.
In the field of intelligent optimization, [5] proposes PGSA, and further improves the algorithm using the finite element method (FEM).
By adding the root point of adaptive backlight function, PGSA could obtain a more accurate location, and better performance compared with SAA.
Through the PGSA, each unknown nodes minimizes the objective function, the backlight function is minimum localization error as follows:
To sum up, the flow chat of PGSA localization algorithm is as Fig.
4 it shows the localization performance between PGSA and SAA when there is no noises.
This paper proposes a novel WSN localization algorithm based on PGSA, which could effectively escape from local optimal solution of the problem that often appeared in nonlinear optimization problem.
The development, design and certification of the PGSA will be done by airberlin technik and FTI, a specialist in camera systems.
The new PGSA system will be pointing the way to an improved economic and ecological future for aircraft ground operations.