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The PGSB team identified three gene pools in the bread-wheat varieties used today that are closely linked to historical events: one from high-yielding varieties domesticated in the near east that spread as part of the green revolution and two separate gene pools from Western and Central Europe.
For the corresponding author Georg Haberer of the PGSB, this is just the beginning: "We expect a large number of further studies that will make good use of these findings for breeding research." (ANI)
"We are fortunate to have a number of suppliers like that now," Oas says, "and they are the most dynamic and fun to work with." PGSB
"Literally for a few cents more, they could get a better product [that consumers] will buy more often." PGSB
Jim Kohm, head of the FTC's enforcement division, recently spoke with Progressive Grocer's Store Brands (PGSB) about the commission's published guidance on the topic, and detailed what retailers need to know when making environmental-related claims for store brand items.
PGSB: The FTC first issued its "Guides for the Use of Environmental Marketing Claims" ("Green Guides") in 1992, and updated them in 1998.
PGSB: The FTC recently took action against retailers for making misleading environmental claims related to their own brands (e.g., Kmart for making unsubstantiated "biodegradable" claims on its American Fare disposable plates) or for marketing manufacturers' products with questionable claims (e.g., Walmart, Target and 76 other retailers marketing rayon products as bamboo).
PGSB: What steps can retailers take to ensure any environmental claims they make in relation to their store brand products hold up to FTC scrutiny?
PGSB: The FTC is in the process of updating its Green Guides once again.