PGSIProblem Gambling Severity Index (social sciences)
PGSIPolisportive Giovanili Salesiane International (Italian: International Salesian Youth Sports)
PGSIPersatuan Gulat Seluruh Indonesia (Indonesian: All-Indonesian Wrestling Managers Association)
PGSIPlate Glass and Shatterprufe Industries (South Africa)
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When analyzing the sociodemo-graphic variables, there is a modest, negative correlation between sex and PGSI (r =-.199; p<.001).
The bivariate correlations show that all of the 'risky' behaviours hypothesized are correlated with higher PGSI scores.
Yet there is a gap in the relationship of PGSI with motivational factors and behavioral factors and that should be investigated (Mulkeen, Abdou, & Parke, 2016).
The PGSI displayed adequate internal consistency in this study (Cronbach's [alpha] = .88).
Gambling problems among students are measured using the nine-item questionnaire of the Problem Gambling Severity Index (PGSI) measurement instrument.
Problem gambling prevalence estimates (past year) as measured by the PGSI were 0.
Problem Gambling Severity Index (PGSI; Ferris & Wynne, 2001): this tool for detecting the severity level of gambling problems is made up of nine items, of which five are associated with behavioural indicators and four with negative consequences.
A total of 6 trials reported the overall improvement of FD symptoms using OTE or PGSI as the endpoint, consisting of 2267 FD patients (acotiamide, 1442; placebo, 825) [11, 16, 18, 24, 25].
At this stage no tools to measure the prevalence of problem gambling have been validated within the Australian Indigenous population; however, the PGSI component of the CPGI is probably best placed for cultural adaptation and trial.
Problem Gambling Severity Index (PGSI, Indice de severidad de juegos de apuestas, Ferris y Wynne, 2001): esta herramienta de deteccion del nivel de severidad de problemas con los juegos de apuestas consta de nueve items, de los cuales cinco estan asociados a indicadores comportamentales y cuatro a consecuencias negativas.
* the Problem Gambling Severity Index (PGSI) (Ferris and Wynne 2001), the standard instrument used in Australia to measure the severity of gambling problems.