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Quantification of pGSN Levels in Plasma Samples of Human and Mice Using ELISA.
Fasting blood glucose levels and pGSN values were monitored in diabetic mice (C57BL/6 HFD/STZ) at the start of Sitagliptin treatment and after two weeks of daily treatment with either PBS or Sitagliptin (10 mg/kg) as per protocols described above.
pGSN Levels in Diabetic and Nondiabetic Humans and Mice.
To see whether pGSN values decrease in mice model of diabetes as well and later use those mice for experimentation, we created two models of type II diabetes.
Even though the effects of pGSN and other F-actin depolymerization competent versions are not as pronounced in db/db model as seen in HF/STZ model, the values were exhibiting the same trend in both the cases.
Overall, our results clearly show that a feedback mechanism possibly exists between sugar and pGSN levels in blood.
Treatment with Sitagliptin Increases pGSN Levels in Diabetic Mice.