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PGSSPost-Graduate Students' Society (McGill University; Canada)
PGSSParticles from Gas Saturated Solutions (chemistry)
PGSSPersistent Ground Surveillance System (US DoD)
PGSSPolish General Social Survey (1992-2002 study; University of Michigan; Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social Research)
PGSSPennsylvania Governor's School for the Sciences (summer school)
PGSSPost Graduate Scholarship Scheme (Queensland Health; Queensland, Australia)
PGSSParticulate/Gas Scrubber System
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The atomization of the PGSS process can be improved by using a second gas such as air in the atomization and precipitation vessel, generating the Gas Assisted Melting Atomization process (GAMA) (SALMASO et al.
2012) evaluated the formulation of [beta]-carotene with poly-([epsilon]-caprolactones) by PGSS process and observed that a longer mixing time allows obtaining a more homogeneous and stable mixture with a higher saturation with C[O.
Micronization of polyethylene glycol by PGSS (Particles from Gas Saturated Solutions)-drying of aqueous solutions.
There is no doubt about it, this is one of the most impressive results we've seen from a PGSS group project," said Barry Luokkala, PGSS program director and teaching professor of physics at CMU.
level scientists," said Jeff Conway, PGSS instructor and alumnus.
PGSS is funded and supported by the nonprofit PGSS Campaign, Inc.
Delivery of diesel fuel and gasoline A95 for the needs of PGSS "Borun" with.