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PGSSPost-Graduate Students' Society (McGill University; Canada)
PGSSParticles from Gas Saturated Solutions (chemistry)
PGSSPersistent Ground Surveillance System (US DoD)
PGSSPolish General Social Survey (1992-2002 study; University of Michigan; Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social Research)
PGSSPennsylvania Governor's School for the Sciences (summer school)
PGSSPost Graduate Scholarship Scheme (Queensland Health; Queensland, Australia)
PGSSParticulate/Gas Scrubber System
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The atomization of the PGSS process can be improved by using a second gas such as air in the atomization and precipitation vessel, generating the Gas Assisted Melting Atomization process (GAMA) (SALMASO et al., 2009).
PGSS and RAID towers, which support aerostat deployment as well as
A descriptive, quantitative study using a structured observation checklist was conducted among PGSs of the College of Health Sciences (CHS).
able to fly at 300 metres for ten days with a 50-kt operational limit (part of the US Armv Persistent Ground Surveillance System (PGSS) programme) to the 38M, with a 14-day endurance and a 400-kg payload capacity at 900-metre ceiling (or 225 kg at 1500 metres), while the 71M 1 can reach over 5000 metres and stay in position for over a month, although this requires more work for site construction.