PGSTPolish Genealogical Society of Texas
PGSTPersistent Ground Surveillance Tower (multi-sensor payload platform)
PGSTPlacental Glutathione-S-Transferase
PGSTPennsylvania Governor's School for Teaching
PGSTPublic Good Science and Technology (New Zealand)
PGSTPrevious Graft Survival Time (transplantation medicine)
PGSTPondicherry General Sales Tax (India)
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Blood was collected from a 45-year-old male donor using the PGPT and PGST tubes to eliminate ex vivo changes that could skew the data.
W = [M0 + bonds + pyd(kp - kpf) + ped.kdp - debtp]/[cpii/(1 + pgst)],
where M0 = notes and coins in the hands of the public, bonds = stock of government bonds held by private sector, pyd = price of domestic output, kp = private sector stock of business capital, kpf = foreign owned part of kp, ped = price of existing dwellings (Valuation NZ series), kdp = stock of dwellings, pgst = impact of GST on price level (Reserve Bank estimate), and debtp = private sector's net overseas debt (based on cumulated current account deficits, with various adjustment for other flow components).