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Notebook's Edit screen navigation commands Record Up/Down PgUp PgDn Record First/Last <ESC> Beginning <ESC> End Field Up/Down F3 F4 Field Top/Bottom F5 F6 Scroll Up/Down ApgUp APgDn Line Up/Down Up Arrow Down Arrow Char Left/Right Left Arrow Right Arrow Word Left/Right Alert Arrow (F7) A Right Arrow (F8) Line Begin/End Home (Fg) End (FIO) Figure 6.
Alternatively users can display records by pressing the PgUp and PgDn keys.
Arrow keys and PgUp and PgDn keys can then be used to browse from citation to citation, or from page to page in full-text.
With experimentation I found that the PgUp and PgDn keys also permit screento-screen scrolling.
The narrow keys are used to move the cursor within a screen, and the PgUp, PgDn keys are used to rapidly move up and down in records that are longer than a single screen.