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PGVPeak Ground Velocity
PGVGreenville, NC, USA (Airport Code)
PGVPerson Guided Vehicle
PGVProximal Gastric Vagotomy
PGVPiano, Guitar, Voice (sheet music)
PGVPositive Group Velocity
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Therefore, the first step in this study is to investigate whether the optimal choice of PGV, as suggested by the literature (Nel & Le Roux, 2015), holds on a sector-specific basis.
rms]) (the parameters both indicates the frequency contents of ground motions) and PGV (the parameter indicates the pulse intensity and applied energy) have larger effects on tunnel response (i.
In addition, PGV has production facilities spread across 25,000 sq m with 8,000 sq m covered production facilities; 1,500 sq m uncovered and a 13,000 sq m warehousing and logistics centre.
Concerned with the continued fall in oil price, PGV says a slowdown in infrastructure projects is expected.
PGV (cm/s); una medida alternativa, que refleja el dano en conducciones, contenido de los edificios y elementos no estructurales,
Bozorgnia, 2008, NGA Ground Motion Model for the Geometric Mean Horizontal Component of PGA, PGV, PGD and 5% Damned linear elastic response spectra for periods ranking from 0.
Ground-motion Prediction Equations for the Average Horizontal Component of PGA, PGV, and 5%-damped PSA at Spectral Periods between 0.
Aspects quantitatifs qui caracterisent le marche de la main d'oeuvre en Roumanie dans le contexte du proces de preadhesion a l'Union Europeenne', Proceedings of XII Conference Internationale du reseau PGV, Timisoara, Romania, 21-22 September.
Nanoclays PGV, PGW of Nanocor, and Cloisite Na from Southern Clay Products, Inc.
Platon y Ciceron en Grecia y Roma; San Agustin y los otros padres de la iglesia; Maquiavelo y Montaigne, discretos diplomaticos; Descartas y Peneion, preceptores de los grandes aristocratas; Voltaire y Diderot, consejeros de despotas ilustrados; Hegel, colaborador del invasor frances; Heidegger, nazista; Pound, fascista; Arago y Sartre, comunistas; Malraux, Gaullista; Garcia Marquez, castrista; y, en nuestro medio, los escritores que militaron con los partidos politicos tradicionales del silgo xx: los conservadores reaccionarios Rafael Maya y Eduardo Carranza y los liberales progresistas PGV y Jorge Gaitan Duran, entre otros.
PGV is located some 21 miles south of Hilo on a 500-acre plot along the Lower East Rift Zone of the Kilauea Volcano.