PGWBIPsychological General Well-Being Index
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Correlation Between Psychological General Well- Being Index and Brief Cope Scale ** Correlation is highly significant at the 0.01 level * Correlation is significant at the 0.05 level Variables PGWBI index Brief Cope Scale Self-distraction .141 Active coping .036 Denial .228 Substance use .(a) Use of emotional support -.153 Use of instrumental support -.178 Behavioural disengagement .270 (*) Venting -.258 (*) Positive reframing .309 (*) Planning .309 (*) Humour -.003 Acceptance .541 (**) Religion .165 Self-blame -.017
An additional paired sample t-test was conducted to determine whether overall psychological well-being, as measured by the PGWBI, significantly increased following seminar attendance.
A second t-test was conducted to evaluate whether the difference between the pre and post-test scores of the PGWBI was significant.
Comparison of the pre-test-posttest data revealed notable changes in participants' DASS-21 and PGWBI scores.
For this sample, the hypothesis regarding the positive impact of the MK Transitions Seminar was supported by significant decreases in depression, anxiety, and stress, as reported on the DASS-21 and significant increases in psychological well-being as measured by the PGWBI.