PGY1Postgraduate Year 1
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The progression from PGY1 to PGY3 correlated positively and in the anticipated direction with the increased knowledge in the three critical areas evaluated by the survey.
For example, the PGY1 curriculum initially paired a family physician faculty and a behavioral scientist with two residents.
Respondents without postgraduate training were more likely to believe that all articles undergo external peer review, compared to those with PGY1 and PGY2 training (58% vs.
My residency officially starts July 1," she said, explaining that a PGY1 pharmacy residency is a one-year program in which the resident rotates through several areas of hospital practice, in order to learn more before moving on to a PGY2 residency, which is specialized in different areas.
In that role she brought together 12 residency program directors under one administrative umbrella and was able to generate consensus that all PGY1 and PGY2 programs follow the same requirements for successful completion of the individual programs.
In programs spanning multiple years, such as Pathology, the PGY1 and PGY2 classes will be interviewed by one field surveyor, and the PGY3 and PGY4 classes will be interviewed by the other field surveyor in a separate room to avoid actual or perceived bias from the senior residents.
As the PGY1 residents had started fewer milestones, assignment of their milestone levels took far less time.
BCPS, senior manager, Patient Care Services and PGY1 Residency program director of Department of Pharmacy Services, Henry Ford Hospital, Detroit;
Provide first-year (postgraduate year [PGY] 1) residents with the necessary foundation in gross and microscopic anatomy to enhance efficiency and effectiveness on surgical pathology rotations and to develop confidence in developing pathology-specific skills for PGY1 pathology residents.
During the first 4-week rotation at institution 1 (Los Angeles County + University of Southern California Medical Center, Los Angeles, California), all PGY1 residents are assigned to a single site, and morning lectures are given specifically for the PGY1 class, separate from the lectures and conferences given concomitantly to the PGY2 through PGY4 residents.
On the very first day of residency, PGY1 resident orientation includes providing either recommendations for surgical pathology textbooks, or textbooks themselves at institution 2.
Demographics ofTrainees Parameters Response, % Type of institution Large academic 76 Small academic 15 Community hospital 7 Other (please specify) 2 PGY year distribution PGY1 15 PGY2 22 PGY3 25 PGY4 26 PGY5 10 PGY6 2 Track for residency training AP only 4 CP only 2 AP/CP combined 93 AP/subspecialty (eg, AP/NP) 1 Abbreviations: AP, anatomic pathology; CP, clinical pathology; NP, neuropathology; PGY, postgraduate year.