PGZPeripheral Growth Zone
PGZPokemon Gameboy Zone (gaming)
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Should Leonardo win the Kruk competition, companies within the PGZ group will share manufacturing and servicing work, according to the company statement.
The company said the agreement has the potential to extend Lockheed Martin's involvement with Polish industry to include PGZ companies in the development and test of armament solutions for international Black Hawk helicopters and the supply of components and assemblies for aircraft and other products manufactured by Sikorsky and PZL Mielec.
PGZ will support the positioning of the multi-role S-70i BLACK HAWK helicopter in Poland as well as potential export markets in Central and Eastern Europe.
The two proposed methods for determination of PGZ and CRV are based on the formation of ion-pair associates between the drugs and the inorganic complex, bismuth(III) tetraiodide (Method A), and between the drugs and the organicacidicdyes, fast greenand orangeG(Method B).
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The plasma glucose lowering activity of PAG at l00mg/kg was almost comparable to that of PGZ, which was administrated to DIO mice at 2.5mg/kg daily.
Group IRI RD 31.2[+ or -]1.1 HFD 257.0[+ or -]0.1[tagger] HFD + PAG25 80.7[+ or -]2.9 ** HFD + PAG50 82.6[+ or -]2.3 * HFD + PAG100 80.0[+ or -]2.6 * HFD + PGZ 65.6[+ or -]2.6 ** IRI value were calculated using: IRI = insulin ([mu]U/m1) x glucose (mM)/22.5.
In PGZ, Heidegger speaks of "Unzuhandenheit" at [sections] 23, p.
(22) See Heidegger, PGZ, [sections] 23b [Alpha], p.
(24) This unity of self-comporting and structured, subjective-relative whole is the correlation, if that is what one wishes to call it, of Sorge and Bedeutsamkeit, which is the basic structure of "life" or Faktizitat; see Heidegger, PGZ, [sections]24e, p.