PH2Phase Two
PH2Photographer's Mate Second Class (Naval Rating)
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PH2 b is too large to be a rocky world and instead is probably composed mostly of hydrogen and helium, like Jupiter and Saturn.
In one of the most interesting discoveries related to the 42 planets, reported, the planet PH2 b is likely too large to host life itself, but may have several moons that could support life.
"There's an obsession with finding Earth-like planets but what we are discovering, with planets such as PH2 b, is far stranger," Dr Chris Lintott, Zooniverse project leader from Oxford University, said.
Among the described mutations and polymorphisms (5, 6), c.103delG accounts for 37% of mutant alleles, allowing diagnosis of PH2 to be made by genetic testing (5).
The range consists of three instruments: the pH1, a compact pH and temperature measurement stick for liquids; the pH2, a compact pH and temperature measurement stick for semi-solid mediums; and the pH3, a compact pH measurement instrument that is compatible with any BNC plug probes.
They should be sent to: Africa Mercy Appeal Office, Office No.7, Friarton House, Friarton Road, Perth, PH2 8BB.
The company will continue its ongoing dialogue with the FDA regarding endpoints for studies involving patients with PH2 and PH3, as part of the PHYOX clinical development program for DCR-PHXC.
The update reflects agreement on the primary endpoint for the PHYOX 2 pivotal clinical trial, which is enrolling patients with PH type 1, or PH1, and PH type 2, or PH2, and alignment with the FDA regarding the path to full approval for the treatment of patients with PH1, as conveyed during a recent FDA Type A meeting.
Biopharmaceutical producer Plandai Biotechnology (OTC PINK:PLPL) reported on Tuesday that it has received an initial order for 500,000 capsules of its Pheroid entrapped Phytofare catechin complex under the trade named 'ph2' from Coyne Healthcare located in South Africa.
Conditions on the new planet, gas giant PH2 b, and the 15 candidate planets probably could not support life, given their largely gaseous state, the astronomers said.
Request of international offers to supply rotators for the generators' motors of the PH2 French made electric metro units moving on Cairo Metro first line.