PHAAProvincial Health Authorities of Alberta (employer bargaining group; Canada)
PHAAPaint Horse Association of Australia (New South Wales, Australia)
PHAAPresident to Hold Another Office Act (Paksitan)
PHAAPleasant Hill Adventist Academy (Pleasant Hill, California)
PHAAPencader Heritage Area Association (Newark, Delaware)
PHAAPritikin Health Association of Australia
PHAAAirman Apprentice, Photographer's Mate Striker (Naval Rating)
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After adjusting for potential confounders, including the mother's intelligence and the amount of cognitive and emotional stimulation the child received at home, the researchers found that higher verbal comprehension scores among the children were associated with lower levels of PhAA in their mothers' urine during pregnancy.
Genes in PHB biosynthesis pathway phaA, phaR, phaB, phaC, phaQ, phaP, and phaJ and cellulase genes for endoglucanase, glucosidase, and hemicellulase gene xylanase were indicated on the genome map.
Michael Moore, the Chief Executive of PHAA says that the laws have been working smoking in Australia is falling in adults, in children and by tobacco volume sales.
Mr Vatskalis turned down the request of ALEC and PHAA for the issuance of a special order since exploration permits have been issued.
Por una parte, se aborda el tema de la identidad etnica, especificamente el que se genera en el ambito de las comunidades, en este sentido, la comunidad indigena en la montana, ya sea hablante del me phaa (tlapaneca), nu saavi (mixteca) o nahua, se ha constituido como un reducto de autonomia frente a la agresion que se vive y se percibe del exterior.
Prominent health care organizations such as the Australian Medical Association (AMA), the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) and the Public Health Association of Australia (PHAA) developed policies and advocacy in late 1980s and 1990s, through the lobbying of their women members.
Health literacy is viewed as an asset necessary for the development of social capital and to address health inequalities (PHAA et al., 2009), as well as a key determinant of population health (Pleasant & Kuruvilla, 2008; Freedman, Bess, Tucker, Boyd, Tuchman & Wallston, 2009).
Public Health Association Australia (PHAA) 41st Annual Conference--Sustainable Population Health
More generally, with reference to contributions made during the thaut phaa paa ceremony, in which robes, money, and other objects are donated to monks, which later will be used for environmental projects, she states, People's commitment to such projects is often stronger because of the religious connotations behind the source of the finds--they not only gain merit form the original donations at the phaa paa ceremony but from supporting the development project sanctioned by the monks as well.
Some examples of implied-result verbs are wash (clothes, glasses), wipe (a table), sweep (a floor), iron (a shirt), polish (a floor) in English, and laan (koeoew) 'wash (glass)', sak (phaa) 'wash (clothes)', thuu (phuwn) 'wipe (floor)', khat (rccnthaw) 'polish (shoes), shoeshine', kwaat (phwwn) 'sweep (floor)', taak (swa) 'expose to the sun (clothes)', riit (phaa) 'iron (clothes)' in Thai.
Recently it has become popular as a ceremonial dress for women called "Thai Reun-Tom", or as a traditional jacket for men, called "Suwa Phaa Ratchathan".