PHACTPhiladelphia Association for Critical Thinking (Philadelphia, PA)
PHACTPolymer Hot And Cold Technology Association (manufacturers and distributors of polymer based piping systems)
PHACTPhreakers / Hackers / Anarchists / Cyberpunks / Technologists
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The Iowa Public Health Association made its PHACT campaign work personal, stressing the importance of saving the Prevention and Public Health Fund for Iowans, said Jeneane Moody, MPH, APHA member, executive director of the Affiliate.
Although HHF has conducted syphilis testing for many years, these results were only recently added to PHACT (2006).
PHACT helps advocates prepare for reaching out to representatives and senators with a wide variety of tools, from templates for writing opinion editorials and letters to the editor to tips for speaking at a town hall or public meeting.
The PHACT campaign also offers fact sheets and resources on its priorities --public health funding, the Prevention and Public Health Fund, climate change, strong child nutrition standards and gun violence prevention--as well as infographics and other shareables to make the case for public health.
The PHACT Web pages feature resources that include fact sheets and sample letters to the editor and op-eds for supporters to use in their advocacy work.
APHA members have been active as part of PHACT this summer, meeting with legislators and authoring letters to the editor.
PHACT tools include fact sheets on APHA's priority issues, including public health funding, the Prevention and Public Health Fund, climate change and child nutrition.
This level of involvement in the PHACT campaign was new for them and they did an amazing job taking it on," Burda told The Nation's Health.
APHA's annual Public Health Action campaign, also known as PHACT, encourages members to contact their elected officials about public health issues.
Released in conjunction with APHA's Public Health Action campaign, or PHACT, the fact sheets share statistics on public health issues such as access to care and chronic diseases.
APHA is calling on its members to take action on behalf of public health in upcoming months through its Public Health Action campaign, known as PHACT.
Also known as PHACT, the campaign equips Affiliates and members with tips and talking points on APHA's public health priorities, such as legislation to reduce gun violence, to address with their congressional leaders during the summer recess.