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PHAFProduct High-order Ambiguity Function
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The PHAF, an attached department of Ministry of Housing and Works, was tasked to construct high quality housing units for retired bureaucrats of BS-17 to BS-22 at affordable prices.
Kuri Road project: Giving a briefing on the Kuri Road Project, Managing Director PHAF told the meeting that there are 117 categories-I houses which are expected to be offered to the allottees by the end of December 2018.
While, CDA has decided to deny PHAF permission to convert its amenity plots into residential one in Officers Residencia, Kuri Road in Islamabad.
However, other methods like HAF, PHAF or PWVD, can not appear false peaks from cross terms effect.
In her contribution to the First International Conference of Caribbean Women Writers, Ineke Phaf rightly suggests that "to anyone familiar with the cultural tradition and complexity of Caribbean society, it seems inexplicable that Surinam and the so-called Dutch Antilles (the islands) are undiscovered spots, not only in women's literature but also in the general panorama of world culture" (Phaf, 358).(1)
Roorda-Hrdlickova, Wolters, Bonke & Phaf (1990) presented the words `yellow banana green pear' 30 times during surgery and then, during the post-operative interviews, asked patients to generate three exemplars from each of the categories `veletables', `fruit', `colours'.
Federal Cabinet in its recent meeting approved to establish another Housing Authority namely 'Naya Pakistan Housing Authority' for construction of 135,000 apartments under Naya Pakistan Housing Project without considering that two similar foundations namely Pakistan Housing Authority Foundation (PHAF) and Federal Government Employees Housing Foundation (FGEHF) are already functioning under M/o Housing and Works and registered as guarantee limited companies with Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan under section 42 of Companies Ordinance 1984 to initiate, launch, sponsor and implement housing schemes for Federal Government Employees on ownership basis in all major cities of Pakistan.
It has always been a mission of PHAF to provide high quality and state-of-the-art buildings but at low and affordable price.
They said that PHAF received about 46 applications in this regard while the project could not succeed due to lack resources including absence of awareness in citizens, edible water and others facilities.