PHAIPublic Health Advocacy Institute (Boston, Massachusetts)
PHAIPort Hope Area Initiative (est. 2001; Canada)
PHAIPassive House Association of Ireland
PHAIPanasonic Home Appliances India Co. Ltd.
PHAIPublic Health Alliance Ireland (now Public Health Alliance for the Island of Ireland; est. 2006)
PHAIPhainopepia (bird species Phainopepla nitens)
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Phai! How the, Little People follow!" Mowgli sank again.
Satchakit, Alan's brotherin-law, allegedly paid pals Kittipong Kamwan, 24, and Phai Kamsai, 63, PS1175 to carry out the hit after family feuds over money.
The objectives of the Ban Phai Municipality action line were, first, to promote the concept of an "Isan Day" in order to foster the officialization of the Thai Lao language and culture.
The ill-fated lovers in Flame do not have to burn at Santika, and the idea that every aborted foetus is bound to end up at Wat Phai Ngern is rather far-fetched.
The modal particles "duoc", "mat", "phai" have the potential to express a number of evaluative meanings such as the feeling of desire, and judgement of people's luckiness and capacity.
(209.) Kinh Doanh, Co quan Quan ly Canh tranh Phai Dung Doc Lap,
Ademas, corriente abajo de estos genes esta localizado el gen phaD (codifica para una proteina estructural que estabiliza los granulos PHA) seguido por los genes phaI y phaF que se transcriben en direccion opuesta al resto de los genes y codifican proteinas estructurales y reguladoras (Arias et al., 2008; Olivera et al., 2010; Rehm, 2003; Sandoval et al., 2007).
(2) Perhaps the most famous artists to flourish under this system were Bui Xuan Phai and To Ngoc Van, whose iconic "A Girl by Lilies" became internationally synonymous with Vietnamese art and who is still beloved today, Trying to capitalize on the old master's style and his ability to capture the beauty of colonial Indochina, present-day artisans work tirelessly to create knockoffs for tourists looking for a token picture of a rice field or a woman in a conical hat.
The Cabinet decided to the extend ISA in seven districts of the capital -- Phra Nakhon, Dusit, Pom Prab Sattru Phai, Watthana, Ratchathewi, Patum Wan and Wang Thonglang -- from April 24 to May 24.
(53.) The article uses the term "yeu nuoc" which also means "to be patriotic." Phu Nu Tan Van, "Tinh Me Con," February 13, 1930.; Phu Nu Tan Van, "Tinh Me Con Cua Loai Vat," December 1, 1932; Phu Nu Tan Van, "Tinh Me Con Cua Loai Vat," December 15, 1932.; Phu Nu Tan Van, "Con Phai San Soc Cho Cha Me," April 3, 1930.; Phu Nu Tan Van, "Cong Dirc Cha Me," May 9, 1929.
Alongside its authenticity, what really sets Mai Phai apart and makes the trip especially worthwhile is that you will find many dishes here that most other Thai restaurants do not offer.