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Somsak Jeamteerasakul, 'Phak communit haeng Prathet Thai kap kabot santiphap' [The Communist Party of Thailand and the peace revolt] in Keung sattawat khabuankan santiphap [Half-century of the peace movement], ed.
Phak, "Extraction of dibenzothiophene from dodecane using ionic liquids," Fuel Processing Technology, vol.
Rather, it is correctly characterised as a subordinate element of the ruling Lao People's Revolutionary Party (Phak Paxaxon Pativat Lao) (LPRP), the single party ruler of the state of Laos.
"Phak or Phuak: The Questionable Development of Partisan Identity in Thailand." Paper presented at the Annual Meeting of the American Political Science Association, Washington, DC
e potatoeg po p rridga ba b nanay Rickydpa p cked a or o phak we w re e in i wet sp s ent c ma m scy Na N vyc Ric Ed in i Er Ap A D of o is i e mr gr g Ricky eventually arrived in Edinburgh Zoo on April 20, 1966.
The Vegetarian Festival, called Prapheni Kin Jay or Prapheni Kin Phak in Thai (The Festival for Eating Vegetables), is now one of the major annual events on the Chinese and Phuket calendars.
On the occasion, the Master Chef Piyavat will present the popular Thai delicacies like Kanom Pang Na Kung (Crispy shrimp toast), Gaeng Phed Pla (Thai red curry with fillet fish & Thai abegine), Kai Phad Khing (Stir fried chicken with ginger, onion, mushroom in soya sauce), Gaeng Phed Phak (Vegetables Thai red curry), to name a few.
Meaning Romani Dardic MIA OIA armpit khak khacal (32) kakkha- kaksa kaccha smell khand ghond (33) gandha- gandha sreanant khabni hnbi (34) gabbhini- garbhini to weave khuvel ghum (35) gu(b)hai guphati gumphati tongue chib zhip (36) jibbha- jihva month chon jhun (37) jonha- jyotsna moon chomut and thaj the (38) *tahavi tathapi (molar), beard thar d'ari (39) datha- damstra dhai (40) dhari (41) wing phak phasi el (42) pakkha- paksa phacali (43) (<*pach) 'phaci (44) phakhru (45) to bind phandel bhonik (46) bandhati bandhati to ask phucel phucik (47) pucchati prcchati Note: Romani khul 'excrement' is < OIA gatha- 'excrement' (4225) and there are a few NIA cases with fronting as in Lahnda ghu and Oriya ghua both 'excrement'.
The surprise package, however, was Yam Phak Krob ( Rs 250).
Camera (color/B&W, DV), Finn, Lee Jung Yoon; music, Pauline Oliveiros, Alex Chechile, Neung Phak; production designers, Lee, Daniela Kostova; sound designer, Jesse Stiles.
According to Fitzpatrick-Cole (1994:131), Bengali tolerates exact identity between base and echo, as in tebil tebil 'table and such', but Trivedi (1990: 56) reports that alternative segments are used in Bengali, as in many other languages, giving the example of tak phak 'bald, etc.'.
Nyan Win and Kantathi made their remarks in Mae Sai District of Chiang Rai Province, where they jointly presided over a ceremony to open the second bridge over the Mae Sai River, linking the Thai town of San Phak He with Tachilek on the Myanmar side of the border.