PHAMISPublic Health Automated Medical Information Systems
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Interfaces have been designed and implemented; the HBOC 4000 Charge Master has been converted to the PHAMIS format, and the master patient index conversion has been completed.
Phamis' Enterprise View is designed to overcome these problems by aggregating data from multiple sources into a single repository, from which it can be manipulated using a variety of client software.
According to Seattle-based Phamis, the system should offer the following capabilities:
PeaceHealth evaluated systems from 11 vendors before selecting Phamis' Lastword system.
Although Phamis' vision appealed to PeaceHealth, Phamis did not come to the table meeting all of PeaceHealth's demands.
"I think that we as a client are pushing Phamis pretty hard," George said.
Lastword is focused on meeting the needs of the enterprise rather than being department focused, according to Phamis. "Now, we are implementing a system that may not be as efficient as their department's customized system."
94 Number Percent Number Percent Traditional patient-care suppliers(*) 134 66.0% 191 63.1% Specialty suppliers(*) 28 13.8% 41 13.4% Self-developed 20 9.9% 32 10.6% Hospital organization services affiliates 11 5.4% 23 7.6% <Vendors with less than 2 appearances 10 4.9% 16 5.3% Total 203 100.0% 306 100.0% (*) Includes MEDITECH, SMS, HBOC, First Data, TDS and PHAMIS (**) Includes (among others) Cerner, Ameritech, Sunquest, 3M, Oacis, Clinicom, and Health Data Sciences Source: The Dorenfest 3000+ Database.
He and his team, including Carey McNabb, senior applications analyst for I/S, and Diana Doolittle, nursing coordinator who serves as a liaison between Nursing and Information Services, implemented the Phamis Lastword clinical system at the Allenmore facility, live since last September, and at Tacoma General and Mary Bridge, live since last December.
* Phamis, Inc., is building interfaces to MultiCare's several legacy systems, including Meditech laboratory information system, Medicus acuity, HBOC cost accounting, Codemaster Medical Records, Continental Pharmakon pharmacy and Learned Mahn claims.