PHANYCPublic Health Association of New York City (New York, NY)
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In addition to the report, PHANYC and the City University of New York have developed a series of educational events titled "Feast or Famine: Obesity, Diabetes and Hunger in New York City.
As a pioneer in public health advocacy, PHANYC has worked to focus its advocacy on improving the living conditions that determine health and create disparities in New York City," said Affiliate President Nicholas Freudenberg, DrPH.
This year, PHANYC will celebrate 70 years of promoting public health as a leader in advocacy, education and research, Freudenberg said.
In 2004, PHANYC created the "Agenda for a Healthy New York," a collaborative effort that seeks to identify policy goals that will improve the health of New York City residents by 2010, and then advocate for the implementation of those policies.