PHASPublic Housing Assessment System (HUD)
PHASPrefix Hijack Alert System (telecommunications)
PHASPueblo Historical Aircraft Society (Pueblo, CO)
PHASPublic Housing Authority Software
PHASPollution Hazard Assessment System
PHASPine Hills Adventist School (Auburn, CA)
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PHAs have a wide range of applications because of their thermo-plasticity and degradability properties.
How PHAs choose their tenants proves important to a police department.
Metabolix will sell the specialty PHAs produced at the facility.
Based on the above data, both 16001 and 16002 PHAs provide plasticization and flexibilization of PVC.
Polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHAs) are polyesters that can be manufactured by some local bacterial strains or recombinant bacterial strains (13).
The PHA extraction technology involves two issues: (1) The rationality of the method that mainly involves extraction rate, purity, structural changes in PHAs during extraction, process, feasibility of transferring from the laboratory to industry, operation convenience, complexity of processing and degree of environmental pollution, etc.
When fed with 2% glucose as a carbon source, these bacteria produced 75.26+-0.45% and 76.61+-0.28% PHA of their wet weight respectively.
Although the existing PHA plant capacities are underutilized at present, the companies are still planning for further capacity expansions.
PHA plastics can be made into bottles, bags, containers, and other consumable plastic applications.
Earlier we studied poly(amic acid) (PAA) and polyhydroxy amide (PHA) as high temperature precursor polymers [7, 8].
According to A PHA spokesman, Chairman PHA Rawalpindi Asif Mahmood and Director General, PHA Syed Shafqat Raza chaired a high level meeting and directed the officers to make all out efforts to complete the Murree Road beautification project within shortest possible time frame and finalize all the arrangements to launch Monsoon Tree Plantation campaign.
Director General PHA Mohammad Akram said that Rs 30 million will be provided to PHA for completion of phase-1 and 3 grounds will be constructed out of this fund.