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PHASERPhased Energy Rectification (Star Trek)
PHASERPhoton Amplification By Stimulated Emission of Radiation :-)
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The documentation for 2D game development using this framework is available on the Phaser website.
ITOS PHASER 3000 lasts up to 30 times longer than xenon lamps.
Phaser 4622 delivers an affordable, secured option along with sharp, precise print
The Phaser 4622 also offers a number of customised options, from supporting up to six unique media types/sizes at once to a 2,000 sheet high capacity feeder.
THE VERDICT This much-anticipated sequel hits the sci-fi sweet spot quite brilliantly, with scintillating blends of spaceships, intergalactic villains, phasers, warm-and-witty banter and special effects.
The phaser, created at the request of "Star Trek" creator Gene Roddenberry for use by William Shatner, who played Kirk in the beloved sci-fi show, had been estimated to sell for about $50,000, but achieved more than four times that including commission.
So I offered $50 for the phaser. The store manager refused to sell it to me.
SUPPORTED STANDARD COLOR PRINT NAME MEMORY MEMORY SPEED (MAN) PRICE Xerox Phaser 6180MFP/D Color Laser (double-sided printing) 1,380 MB 384 MB 20 ppm $949 Xerox Phaser 6180MFP/N Color Laser 1,380 MB 384 MB 20 ppm $799 Okidata MC361 Color MFP 768 MB 256 MB 23 ppm $549 Okidata MC561 Color MFP 768 MB 256 MB 27 ppm $749 Samsung CLX-6250FX Color Laser Multifunction Printer 768 MB 256 MB 25 ppm $899 Lexmark X543dn Color Laser MFP 640 MB 128 MB 21 ppm $770 Lexmark X544n Color Laser MFP 640 MB 128 MB 25 ppm $898 Brother MFC-901 0CN Digital Color All-in-One 576 MB 64 MB 17 ppm $549.99 Brother MFC-9120CN Digital Color All-in-One 576 MB 64 MB 17 ppm $649.99 Brother MFC-9320CW Digital Color All-in-One 576 MB 64 MB 17 ppm $699.99 [ILLUSTRATION OMITTED]
The company is introducing VVT with the addition of a cam phaser, which attaches to the end of the camshaft.
"The Phaser 3140 provides all-purpose printing at an affordable price," said Dan Smith, General Manager for Integrated Marketing, Xerox, MEA (DMO).
Port fuel injection, homogeneous and stratified gasoline direct injection (GDi), multi-charge ignition, and an electrically driven cam phaser are among the technologies being developed.
The Phaser XP is capable of producing pillow, gusseted or flat bottom packages from two inches to 13 inches in width and three inches to 15 inches in length, at speeds in excess of 60 packages per minute.