PHASTParticipatory Hygiene and Sanitation Transformation
PHASTProcess Heating Assessment and Survey Tool (software; thermal efficiency)
PHASTPractical Home Automation Systems Technology (AMX)
PHASTPrototype Hard and Soft Tooling (rapid prototyping)
PHASTProcess Hazard Analysis Software Tools (Microsoft Windows)
PHASTPharmaceutical Audit Suite
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PHAST identified 15 prophage interruptions in 122262, of which 5 were homologous in nucleotide identity to Sp2, Sp3, Sp6, Sp8, and Sp14 found in Sakai (16) (Table 2; Figure 1).
The PHAST team member provides intensive on-the-spot support and education, schedules confirmatory testing, and performs clinic intake including CD4 count, viral load, and resistance testing.
SE = b0 = b1EXP = b2 EXP 2 + b3CYEDUC + b4 HELTH + b5 PHAST + b6 SPART + .
Based on the coding scheme, 6,335 words were determined to be decodable using strategies taught in the first 60 lessons of the PHAST reading program.
A PHAST assessment at the Alcoa North American Extrusions facility in Plant City, Fla.
Organizacion Mundial de la Salud, La iniciativa PHAST.
Contract notice: Reagents, tests and operating supplies for laboratory devices (hematological counter MEDONIC M 20 , two-channels coagulometer SIEMENS BFT II , one-channel aggregometer 591A, specific immunodiffusion boards, device PHAST SISTEM , electrolyte analyzer AVL 9180 , coagulometer DIAMED-CD 4 , hematological analyzers SYSMEX KX21N and XT 1800i and immunological analyzer ARCHITECT I1000 sr ).
As a result, a combination of the PHAST and FLACS software tools can be used to provide a preliminary indication of whether a piece of real estate being considered for an LNG facility covered under 49 CFR 193 will likely be sufficient to accommodate the exclusion zones.
Data are from the PHAST (Physical Health Activity Study Team) study conducted among preadolescents in Niagara Region.
The PHAST (Participatory Hygiene and Sanitation Transfer) program is led by Compagnons Fontainiers du Rwanda (COFORWA), a local nongovernmental organization (NGO) involved in water management and training.
Prior to STSN, he co-founded PHAST Corporation, which became the leading control system in the residential control systems market.