PHBIPeringatan Hari Besar Islam (Indonesian: Commemoration Great Day Islam)
PHBIPatio Heater for Built-in Application
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where [delta]pH is calculated change in soil pH from [day.sub.a] to [day.sub.b]; pHBI is the pH buffering intensity (change in pH/[micro]mol [H.sup.+].g soil); [delta][[H.sup.+]] is change in the [H.sup.+] concentration from [day.sub.a] to [day.sub.b] due to N transformations as calculated using Eqn 1 ([micro]mol [H.sup.+]/g soil).
The pHBI was determined by placing 25 g of air dry soil in Petri dishes and spraying a range of known volumes of acid (HN[O.sub.3]) or alkali (KOH) onto the soil while it was vigorously mixed.
is a wholly owned Canadian based subsidiary of Pharmagreen Biotech, Inc., a publicly traded (OTC PINKS: PHBI) company.