PHCRPerpetual Help College of Rizal (Philippines)
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The poverty headcount ratio (PHCR) at $1.90 a day went from 40.5 in 1999 to only 1.4 in 2014.
(8) The PHCR at $1.90 a day in Venezuela went from 0.8 in 1987 to 11.4 in 1998 and 20 in 2003 before coming down to 9.2 in 2006.
At district level the Kilinochchi district recorded the highest PHCR of 18.2 percent while the lowest PHCR was recorded in the Colombo district of 0.9 percent.
PHCR writes: International law explicitly prohibits the annexation of land consequent to the use of force (Article 47, Fourth Geneva Convention), a principle confirmed in Article 2(4) of the United Nations Charter.
Public health responsibilities using support from the Army Institute of Public Health (AIPH) and Army Public Health Command Regions (PHCR) during this phase include: