PHDEPPublic Housing Drug Elimination Program
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PHDEP was incorporated as a private limited company under the Companies Ordinance 1984.
In an ironic twist, HErD justified eliminating PHDEP by claiming its activities could be funded through the operating subsidy, which now will be cut by 10 percent.
In addition, unlike the administration and the House Appropriations Committee, which both terminated PHDEP, the Senate restored the $300 million in funding for this drug elimination program.
STATE CAPITAL FUND CUTS PHDEP CUTS Alabama $20,600,000 $8,809,285 Alaska $800,000 $333,649 Arizona $4,100,000 $1,706,896 Ark.
In responding to subcommittee members, Mayor DeStefano reaffirmed the effectiveness of the HOME and CDBG programs at the local level, while questioning the wisdom of terminating the Public Housing Drug Elimination Program (PHDEP) and cutting other housing and community revitalization programs.
This new initiative follows President Clinton's September announcement of a gun buyback and violence prevention effort to be funded by using $15 million of reprogrammed funds from the Department of Housing and Urban Development's (HUD) 1999 Public Housing Drug Elimination Grant program (PHDEP).