PHDIPalmer Hydrological Drought Index
PHDIParisada Hindu Dharma Indonesia
PHDIPhysical Health Domain Index
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In the original version of the web tool, the legends in the maps were set based on raw data from the computations of the PHDI. This resulted in wild values--both positive and negative--that skewed the legend and its bin sizes, which led to erroneous interpretations of the map/output.
The PHDI was founded in 1958 as part of the efforts to have Balinese religion recognized as one of Indonesia's official state religions, which went along with the ongoing rationalization, deterritorialization and standardization of Balinese faith and rituals.
(76) Bao le trdi and bao le phdi have now become popular terms representing the two opposite streams of journalism in Vietnam.
As Gde Mandia, a former head of the provincial chapter of PHDI, explained to me in 2006, the plan encountered hostile reactions from influential Islamic preachers and the sub-district head.
The Hindu organization (PHDI) that issued the Bhisama edict was largely a creature of the New Order, expected to control potentially volatile religious issues.
Consequently, in 1986, after having opened a branch in every province in the country, the Parisada Hindu Dharma became the Parisada Hindu Dharma Indonesia (PHDI).
Firstly, to form a single representative body, the Parisada Hindu Dharma Indonesia (PHDI), secondly, to compile the different practices and beliefs of folk Hinduism and to streamline and codify these practices and beliefs into a "holy book", and thirdly to forsake Hindu polytheism by adopting a paramount Hindu deity, Sang Hyang Widi.
To evaluate whether the CSI provides unique information on drought and freshwater coastal conditions, the index was compared with two commonly used drought indices--the SPI, a meteorological index, and the Palmer hydrologic drought index (PHDI), an agricultural drought index.