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The state of Connecticut, for example, requires mediators to be professionals with 5 years of experience in social work or human services directly related to dealing with child protection issues, law, and judicial procedures (Shaw & Phear, 1991).
The most similar research work to U-TRI is PHEAR [6], which is a system built on existing SDN protocols and standards.
Recent archaeological and paleoenvironmental investigations on the archipelago's volcanic islands (Athens and Ward 2002; Liston 2008a; Phear 2007), specifically those supporting Compact Road construction (Athens and Ward 2005; Athens and Stevenson n.d.; Liston 1999, n.d.
The conceptions of isolation and connectivity that have shaped the study of islands are examined (Spriggs), and other papers focus on issues peculiar to the prehistory of Pacific Islands, in particular the introduction of plants (Prebble), and human induced environmental change and island transformation (Conte and Kirch; Flett and Haberle; Phear).
Recent fieldwork on both the volcanic and limestone islands demonstrates that Palau was probably settled between 3300-3000 BP (Fitzpatrick 2003c; Clark and Wright 2003; Phear et al.
Bedford brings together current knowledge of Vanuatu, as does Garling for Tanga, Burley and Clark for Fiji/West Polynesia and Phear for Palau.