PHEBPlug-in Hybrid Electric Buses
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It further requested that the board may be allowed to be established as an autonomous body of the health department, demanding approval for the provision of one-line budget amounting to Rs60 million for remaining period of 2017-18 to the PHEB from the already allocated sum mentioned above on the pattern of the Punjab Human Organ Transplant Authority.
The Architecture and Working Principle of the EMT in Single-Axle Parallel PHEB
The powertrain system configuration of the single-axle parallel PHEB with EMT is shown in Figure 1.
Puncture impact behavior of PET blended with PC or PHEB with Iow cristallinity were studied by instrumented impact testing.
[22] For example, CHEM 597R at Emory University, PHEB 640 at Texas A&M, and Utilizing Information Technology at Wake Forest (cf.