PHEIPublishing House of Electronics Industry (China)
PHEIParamount Home Entertainment International (Hollywood, CA)
PHEIParis Hilton Entertainment, Inc.
PHEIPublic Higher Education Institution (various locations)
PHEIPrivate Higher Education Institute
PHEIPhysician Evaluation of Improvement
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NROS, DROS and GROS characteristics presented estimates of repeatability that could be considered average, whereas, PHEI, NPLAG, PLAGL DROS, PROD, NDIAS, LLEN, and LWID presented estimates considered high, indicating that the number of evaluations used in this study supports the acquisition of gains from plant selection.
Marimuthu, M., Wai Jing, C., Phei Gie, L., Pey Mun, L., & Yew Ping, T.
"We're thrilled to be working with PHEI to bring Science News to China," says Maya Ajmera, chief executive officer and president of the Society and publisher of Science News.
Salgado said Binay "clearly had no commercial interest" in PHEI.
The agreement covers the operations, finance, sales and marketing functions for PHEI products distributed in the territory.
The dishes include Black Mountain smoked salmon, pickled cucumber and caper dressing (eog mwg Black Mountain, ciwcymbr wedi'i bicloadresincaprau);mosaic of confit duck, black pudding and apple with a pear chutney (mosaig o confit hwyaden, pwdin gwaed ac afal, gyda siytni gellyg); baked escalope of halibut, plum tomato fondue and herb crust (escalope o halibwtpob, fonduetomato eirin a chrwst perlysiau); leek and blue cheese pudding, rosti dauphinoise, roasted root vegetables (pwdin cennin a chawsglas, rosti dauphinoise, gwreiddlysiau rhost); fillet of beef, with steak and kidney pie, creamed potatoes and roasted root vegetables (ffiled o gig eidion, gyda phei stc ac aren, tatws hufennog a gwreiddlysiau rhost).
Heart Business Media's Electronics Group (Uniondale, NY), a publisher of product information for the electronics industry, has entered into a partnership with IDG (Framingham, MA), the producer of hundreds of magazines and web sites for technology markets, and China's Publishing House of Electronic Industry (PHEI; Beijing), a publishing operation specializing in science, technology and education materials and administered by the Ministry of Information Industry, to purchase, a news and technology web site for Chinese engineers.
This is, of course, a cartographic precedent in the East which parallels China's precedence over the West in landscape painting--as Casey puts it, though "Phei Hsui [is] often considered the 'Ptolemy of Chinese cartography' ...
(11.) In his call to arms against the French on December 19, 1946, President He Chi Minh urged the people to "sacrifice to the last drop of blood to retain the country" (Ta phei hy sinh din git mau cuei cung de gie gin det nuec): He Chi Minh, Toan Tep: Tep 4 (Collected Works: vol.
Warhead options include the WDU-5002 Fat (Flechette Anti-Tank) with five 680-gram tungsten rods, the WDU-5001/B PHEI (Penetrator High Explosive Incendiary) for hardened aircraft shelters, and the Raufoss-developed Heisap (High Explosive Incendiary Semi-Armour Piercing) for anti-ship use.
(PHEI) last year after U's brass decided to pull out of the co-venture and route vid product through UPI.
Bondal accused Binay of using Arroyo as a dummy to earn from a 2004 joint venture between UMak and the Systems Technology Institute (STI) that set up the Philippine Healthcare Educators Incorporated (PHEI).