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PHEMTPseudomorphic High Electron Mobility Transistor
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[31] Agilent Technologies, "Low-noise amplifiers using ATF55143 low-noise PHEMT," Application Note 1285, Agilent Technologies, San Jose, Calif, USA, 2002.
First two low noise amplifiers (LNA) are low power/low noise, pHEMTS MMICs internally matched to 50[ohm] having noise figure of 2.5dB and gain of 13 dB and P1dB output power 14.5 dBm @ 10 GHz.
Other typical models of pseudomorphic HEMT (pHEMT) are rapidly replacing conventional MESFET technology in military and commercial applications requiring low noise figures and high gain particularly at millimeter wave frequencies.
The chip area, including pads, is as small as 0.81 [mm.sup.2], which is relatively compact among published pHEMT mixers.
RFMD's advanced GaAs pHEMT technologies are complementary to the company's GaN technologies and other power semiconductor technologies for the design of multi-chip modules (MCMs).
The MMG15241H is a pHEMT device that covers 500 to 2800 MHz, with a noise figure of 1.6 dB at 2140 MHz, P1dB output power of 24 dBm, IP3 of 39 dBm, and small-signal gain of 15 dB.
For instance, PHEMT switches for cellular handset antenna switching at power levels around 1 W is a volume market that gives the foundry a stable throughput, while merchant semiconductors, sold through distributors, generates revenue.
The PDK offers automatic layout with design rule check, pop-up help tips, and scalable models for pHEMT cells and passive components fabricated with the advanced wafer process at WIN.
The models utilize advanced GaAs PHEMT semiconductors.
These GaAs PHEMT MMIC-based amplifiers operate from 0.8 GHz to 9.5 GHz and can be used as high power output amplifiers or driver amplifiers depending upon the system architecture.
* Uses a hybrid microwave integrated circuit design and advanced GaAs PHEMT technology.